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The Florida onAir Hub is managed by students supporting Floridians to become more informed about and engaged in local, state, and federal politics while facilitating more civil and positive discussions with their representatives, candidates, and fellow citizens.

  • Florida onAir is one of 50 state governance and elections hubs that the US onAir Network is providing to help reinvigorate US democracy.  This post has short summaries of current state and federal representatives with links to their complete Hub posts.  Students curate post content from government, campaign, social media, and public websites.  Key content on the Florida Hub is also replicated on the US onAir nations Hub at: us.onair.cc.
  • Florida students will be forming onAir chapters in their colleges and universities to help curate Hub content.  As more students participate and more onAir chapters are started, we will expand to include more state and local content as well as increase the number of aircasts – student-led, livestreamed, online discussions with candidates, representatives, and the public.

Find out more about Who Represents Me in Florida
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To become an onAir member, all that is required  is your first and last name, and a “.edu” email address.

Your real name and any other profile information will NOT be displayed unless you choose to do so. Your personal information is NOT shared with any other website or organization.

Fill out the form below to become a US onAir member. It’s free!

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How to moderate an aircast

Curate an Interview

Curators can conduct online video interviews of politicians and include the videos as Top News items as well as insert into other sections of a post. Politicians will have approx. one minute or less to answer questions.

US onAir Editors will assist curators with these interviews by:

Supporting the scheduling and recording of an interview through our Google Meet enterprise account (no limit on time and ability to livestream to 100,000 viewers) Providing a list of standard general and issue focused questions that all candidates and representatives will be asked Editing interviews into one minute segments for insertion into their About and Issues sections of the post

Below are some standard questions we like to ask all interviewees in addition to issue-related questions

Why did you get involved in politics? What is your most significant accomplishment? What is the most important new legislation you want to support? How can the public get more engaged in and impact our democracy?

Model Interview

How to curate an Aircast

How to Conduct an Online InterviewOverviewModel emailProduction

Re: Online interview with Virginia onAir

To: Candidates  cc: Chief of Staff and PR person

Dear Honorable __________ (Ms. or Mr. for challengers),

My name is ___________. I live ...

OnAir Post: How to moderate an aircast

Becoming a Moderator


You can learn more about your Virginia representatives by assisting in the curation of the relevant posts on Virginia onAir.

You can learn more about issues important to you by assisting in the curation of the relevant posts on Virginia onAir.

Moderate a politician post


Curate new information on a US politician that has a post in US onAir.


Learn how to curate information and news items. Information that might be curated:

Bio Any updates to staff, contact information Record (voting, elections, fundraising) Committees Positions on issues Sponsored legislation Events Media coverage

Use the Who Represents Me? tool to determine your representatives.

Example politician post: David Bulova

Contact: Fatima Iftikhar at fatima.iftikhar@onair.cc

Moderate a committee/issue post


Write about and compile information on an issue of interest to you that has been started by US onAir.


Learn how to create a post and curate information and news items regarding a chosen issue that will be addressed by the 2021 US Senate and US House. 

You can provide background on the issue, associated organizations and corporations, major perspectives, and current legislative efforts. You can cover a new aspect to the issue, such as public opinion, related events (e.g. hearings, town halls, etc), or details on a piece of legislation.

Reaching out to representatives interested in the issue is recommended.

Content ...

OnAir Post: Becoming a Moderator

How to moderate a post


1- To become a post moderator, you will need to be an onAir member (and a member of the Hub your posts are located).

2- Send an email to the post’s curator listed in the “Discuss” section of the post and request permission to become the post’s moderator. You will then be able to moderate feedback and forums as well as add recent significant news items and content to the post.

3- To moderate a post, select “Moderate my posts” under the “Moderate ” button in the site header or go to a specific post they are co-authoring and select the pencil icon located at the top of the post sidebar above the table of contents


Post Discussions

1- We encourage civil and honest discourse without allowing for harassment or threats to personal safety.  Any user or content that infringes on this goal will be removed from the platform.

Our takedown rules and guidelines will evolve as political discourse evolves. Our Curation Principles will undergo an annual review to ensure that they match the evolving nature of political discussion. All users will be fully notified of changes to the platform’s guidelines. Ad hoc reviews of rules and guidelines will also occur if ...

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How to best experience US onAir


https://vimeo.com/476870081?embedded=true&source=vimeo_logo&owner=106671896Video can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: onAir Network Tour Final 2020-11-08 (https://vimeo.com/476870081?embedded=true&source=vimeo_logo&owner=106671896)


Learn about your Democracy

All US onAir Hubs US have posts on each state’s Governor, US Senators, and US House members as well as posts on how to register and vote in the upcoming elections. Curated stated Hubs like Virginia onAir also have posts on US House races, other state executives, state senators, and state House members and posts on issues. As a state enlists more curators, posts on city and county representatives and elections will also be started.

Coming next year, you will also be able to watch aircasts on the above topics in forums, debates, town halls, and interviews. Aircasts are Zoom meetings with featured guests and audience participation that are livestreamed to the public. Aircasts are recorded and archived in onAir Hubs and YouTube channels and shareable on social media and websites.

Any resident of a state can participate in a US onAir Hub. We are particularly interested in educating and engaging college and high school students as well as disenfranchised and non-participating ...

OnAir Post: How to best experience US onAir

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